iPad 2nd Generation: For real?

Apple is definitely working on a 7-inch iPad that will sport a front and rear facing video cameras for videoconferencing using the company’s FaceTime app.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab not only has a 7-inch screen, but also has the front and rear cameras. Users and reviewers alike have praised it for its ease of handling and for being under one pound. The original iPad was without a forward-facing camera to allow us to use the FaceTime video chatting service. Take note that the iPad already had a space for the webcam, so it could have been a promising idea that Apple originally thought of doing, but did not actually go through with it. The 2nd Gen iPad is better because rumors have it that the built-in cameras will be capable of capturing HD quality video.

It’s only been a few months since the iPad was launched and now rumors of iPad 2nd Gen It can’t be denied from all this that Apple does see the other tablets as threats to its tablet franchise—especially if we talk about having lower price levels.

There are a lot of theories actually. Because the iPad has a big screen and it’ so convenient to type words with the on-screen keyboard, one reason is that Apple has seen the iPad as a potential competition to its notebook sales.

Or it could be a very clever and well-thought of marketing strategy. The fact that the first iPads did not have any camera will definitely lure more users if Apple goes out with an iPad that does have cameras. Pretty neat strategy for Apple.

Your thoughts

What do you think about the rumors on the iPad? What do you think should Apple add or take away from the iPad to make it sell more? What do you want to add?

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