How to get lucky

Do you know what it takes to become the luckiest person around? There are many opinions on this. One side says that you need to really prepare when the opportunities come so that you will be in the right position at the right time, and then grab those opportunities. “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” That’s what people believe in. But how about we take this topic on luck to a different level? How about we turn it around? Above we said that people and circumstances make us lucky, why not make others lucky or even just feel lucky when they are around you so that, in the process, you’ll be lucky too? Why? Here are some of the reasons:

1. The universal rule of reciprocation

I’m sure you’ve seen this first hand. Whenever you do something good for somebody, they feel obliged to return the favor. And even you yourself, when somebody does something good to you or gives you a gift or a favor, you feel deep in your stomach that you owe that person something and you feel the need to give back. This universal rule will not be used by you in a con manner, but just by the simple fact that this exists is advantageous for you. But always it should be in the most sincere ways of giving. It should be truthful because people can smell a con man from miles away. We are merely tapping on the already existing value of the rule of reciprocation.

2. You will be known as a person who give the best value to others.

When you give to people, they will surely feel the need to tell their friends about you, too. People are not naturally stingy. When they have the opportunity to share the good things that they receive, they will do it in a heart beat. People will know that you’re a person of goodness and value because friends will be informed about your greatness and about your generosity. People are attracted to people who are able to give more than they have. Why because people want to be like that. Human beings are wired to give. But because of our culture and the values taught to us, we become so weak in this aspect of giving. So when they someone who does what they cannot do or are afraid to do, they want to be near that person. So keep on giving value and you’ll be lucky.

It’s still in your hands

So there you have it, luck really isn’t something that just falls on your lap or falls in someplace, somewhere. If you noticed the things we discussed so far, you’ll realize that everything was under your control. On the question of giving so that there would be reciprocation, you still have that decision in your hands. If you decide to give more you will be reciprocated more. On the question of giving value to other people, that still is within your circle of influence. You can choose not to give value to others, but if you do, you will surely attract more people to you. Because that’s how the system works. But remember that you cannot give what you don’t have. So if you want to give value, then you should give value to yourself first. You cannot give more, if you don’t have more. So in order to have more, give more. Tricky? Maybe, but that’s how it works. So now, you think you’re going to be “lucky”? The answer is within you.

Your thoughts

What do you think about luck? Do you believe in luck? Do you consider yourself lucky? What do you want to add to share? Let us all know in the comments!

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