How to double your sales

Here’s a fact: Customers don’t buy your products or services. No one buys a car just because he wants a car, nobody buys the best medicine just because he wants to take them, nobody buys a computer just so he can stare at it all day, nobody buys financial consultation just so he can listen to another person’s opinion, nobody avails of education just so he can sit in a classroom and listen to somebody and even submit himself to be tested after each lesson. So what do people really buy if not these products or services?

If customers don’t buy the products or services you sell, how will you even double a sale when you didn’t have one?

Everything starts with the “problem”

Just face it. The reason why you even started to think about creating a product or making your services available is because a problem, a need, or a challenge arose. People did not know how to address that need, or they are just lazy enough. But not you. You had to start thinking about the problem and how you could address or solve it.

The way you designed you product was based on the problem. You thought of a way on how to make your product useful for people who had that certain problem. You exist because problems exist. Your purpose is to bridge that gap between the problem and the customers. That bridge is called Solution.

People buy with a ready perception

What is that perception? That your product is the solution to their problem. That’s just really it. Your customer bought that car from you because he has the perception that by buying your product, his family would be a lot safer than in other cars. You added a few extra safety features that made the difference. His need is his family’s safety. Or your client got you as one of their freelance writers because they perceived your talent in design as a great contribution to their declining design team. Your client’s need was to improve the results given by its design team.

Customers are not as dumb as they seem

You’ve gone into a mall or a store. You went there because you needed to buy something to address a certain need. You know what you wanted. You know the product that you needed. Suddenly, a sales person blocks your way, holds your arm and smiles sweetly at you and pulls you towards his stall and babbles about how good his products are. Do you ever listen to this kind of sales talk? I don’t.

The fact is customers, like you and me, need not be convinced. Because you’re already convinced! Convinced of what? That you need something to solve your problems or address your needs. What you need are results. And that’s what you came in the store for, results.

As someone who needs to “sell” to survive, avoid selling your products. Instead, sell the results that you can give your customers. I promise you, if the results you are selling are what the customers are looking for, you won’t need to convince them. In a heartbeat, they’d buy your product that gives the results they wanted .

So, where do you fit?

So who are you? Where do you fit in this picture? You’re not a manufacturer, You’re not service provider.
You’re the problem-solver. The result-provider. That’s where you fit. And you fit in there perfectly.

So how do you double your sales?

It’s simple really. Sell results, not your products, not your services — or even not yourself! Results. Because customers crave for it. Once you get to terms with this, your business will also show the results that you want. :)

Your thoughts

What do you think? What were the things you did to double your sales? Did you sell your products or did you sell your results? What would you like to add?

Let us all know in the comments!

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  1. radicalwill2010radicalwill201006-11-2010

    Great post. Yeah there are just products out there that have cool designs but never really give solutions to customers’ needs. No names….