How to be attractive to other leaders

Did that shock you? I mean the to other leaders phrase? Why would you want to attract other leaders? Why not attract just about anyone?

Okay let me back track a bit. You should realize that you’re reading a post in a blog that’s intended for business people, and it is presupposed that you are reading this because you want to become better in your business. And I’m with you on that, but you should realize that all true business people or those who really own business that really tick and go well in the market are really leaders themselves.

Not just leaders “in their own right”, but real leaders in the truest sense of the word; a person who fits the universal idea of a leader: someone who leads other leaders.

I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but I think that when you attract just any kind of person and then ask them to do what you want to do, you are actually a manager of those people. But if you really are a true leader, you won’t want to manage people. I mean, you get that in an employer-employee environment. You went out of that environment because you want to start your own business.

Leaders gravitate around other leaders. And leaders know that there are others who may be greater than them in terms of the kind of leadership that they have. And they are not insecure about it. In fact, they love to be around people who are “greater” than they are, because they want to learn more and to rub elbows with those people; they know that if they can only be influenced by those greater leaders, they will become great themselves.

Enough said, here are some ways for you to attract other leaders. These people are ever on the alert for these items, and when they find these in you, you’ll be sure to have leaders following you.


The world is in peril right now, and the news—whether on TV or in the papers—all show how scary the situation is now. But when you are excited about life and just be the one who goes against the grain, people will start to notice you and regard you as someone different. Average people read the news and then shiver and recoil in fear. They are afraid to go out or even make any move.

Let me suggest that you think about the family that you have now. That is a very good initial motivation that you can have so that you can really be excited about going out and doing everything in your career or business just so you can provide for your family.

When you’re excited, your eyes are wider, you look into other peoples’ eyes more confidently and you speak in a manner that excites other leaders. Other leaders are actually just waiting for someone greater than them to excite their very own lives. So once they find you, they will not let you go. And don’t worry because leaders won’t zap you of your energy. Instead, they will even complement yours and they will also show their excitement. Then synergy is created.


Okay passion may be synonymous to excitement, but let me tell you that they come from one and the same tree but are different expressions of that tree. Think of these as two different stems.

Excitement is really more on the emotional aspect of the experience, while passion is coming from a much deeper source—more like the trunk of the tree. Passionate people never back down. They do know that there are other ways to attack a certain situation, but they don’t just give up easily. They keep at it even if others have already given up.

When other leaders see this, they immediately tap themselves on the back and congratulate themselves for not giving up. You now become an inspiration to them. Leaders all have passion, but in different degrees.

When you step up and show that you are person of passion, leaders will come to you for instruction and for inspiration.

People with conviction.

Conviction is a firm belief. When you exhibit this, people will immediately see you as someone who goes against the grain. The world has been teaching us through media that we should not stick to what we believe in, that there are always other things that you can stand for. And if things are not working, you can always change your stand.

Leaders know deep in their guts that this should not be so. Whatever the world will try to show or teach us, leaders still know that there are still bigger things at work. Principles and values still exist. The moment they see conviction in you, they will applaud you and shake your hand and see you as someone whom they can rely on and whom they can be at ease with because they know that when you make decisions, you will not take it back. And if it doesn’t add up, you will be accountable for yourself and acknowledge your responsibility.


You should be able to learn how to act accordingly and also how to present yourself to other people. Leaders know that when someone stands in a certain way and dresses in a different manner, something much deeper and stronger is making that person act as such. Posture can be influenced by values. You know if a person is confident and convicted about something because they shake hands with a firm grip and they look you eye to eye.

Leaders know (consciously and subconsciously) the kind of verbal and non-verbal trigger points and sign posts to know that the person they are looking at or relating with is a leader.

Of course, you should have the other things like smiling and grooming and speaking in a very fluid and professional manner.

People are attracted to someone whom they can relate with.

Being happy is attractive.

Of course, learn how to be happy. People of every race and time always gravitate around people who are happy. You yourself would not be hanging out with someone who always complains and always cries and is always sad.

You go with someone who is genuinely happy with their lives. People will not follow someone who is not happy. Your friends or your leaders are there doing whatever it is that you ask them to do because they feel happy with you.

Remember that people are sad because of their circumstance, they will be hungry for some happiness to be put in their lives. You will be a welcome addition to their lives.

Your thoughts

Do you agree with the things I’ve mentioned? What do you like to add about the things I mentioned? Do you think you are attractive? Do you think you are attracting leaders or just anyone. What other things would you like to add to the list?

Let us all know in the comments!

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