Google TV products available days from now

Sony is out with some good news for all you couch potatoes out there! Google TV will finally be available this Saturday, how about that?!

Sony, one of the biggest electronics company in the world has revealed its line of Google TV devices, including televisions and Blu-ray players. Each device includes Google software intended to take the complete Internet experience to TV sets. They’ll be on sale in Sony Style stores and online at on Oct. 16, says Sony. Bestbuy will not be far days after that.

Other Google TV products that are coming soon include a set-top box from Logitech for $299. This is will be available within the month. The Blu-ray player is at $399, pricey. Sony’s line up of four Google TVs has a wider price range than most people had expected. The TVs start at $599 for a 24-inch LCD, and moving all the way without batting an eyelash to a whopping $1,399 for a 46-inch LCD TV. Well, it’s good money when the quality you’re paying for is also way up there.

All of the Sony devices use Google’s Android operating system. You can easily download apps intended for both mobile phones and tab devices, although those that are made for the TV specifically are yet to be revealed. But this is a good start, and I’m sure you’re excited to get your hands on one of these products.

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What do you think? What did you expect from Sony? What other features would you like Sony’s Google TV products to have?

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