Google introduces the “+1” button

Google introduces the “+1” button

Google is now adding a feature that allows all of us who have Google accounts to recommend sites so that friends and other people will know immediately which sites are being visited most. This feature is called the +1 button.

Google explained that this button really says a lot. Some may see the button and see that the recommended sight is a pretty cool site or others might see it as more of a “check this out” kind of message for users who happen to see the +1 button.

You have the option to share your own +1 buttons to your friends and family or to anyone you like by choosing the “Public” option; and likewise, you can also choose private. And that you can only do if you have and are logged in to your Google account and create or update your Google profile.

The feature isn’t live, but the users who can’t wait for it to be launched can really activate it and try it. The button will initially appear in the search results, but Google officials said that the buttons will also appear on the many products of Google and on many websites.

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