Funeral for Microsoft’s Windows Phone competitors

Microsoft’s Windows Phone team theatrically a mock funeral for the iPhone and BlackBerry last Friday. Microsoft buried the competition employing the visuals of a mock funeral, but the question still remains, will the Windows Phone 7 be really be able to compete with or even take on Android, the iPhone and others when it finally comes out next month.

Kidding aside, Microsoft doesn’t look forward to kill the competition with this initial release. It is more of trying to get rid of its mobile past, which has been marked by years of getting stuck in the muck while the rivals have continued to gain traction and flourished. It also would like to pay its respects to the Kin which has been long dead and buried.
Microsoft is anticipated to use a huge ad attack to help publicize the arrival of the new operating system, which showcases features such as a the mobile version of Office, the ability to play subscription music using the Zune service, and Xbox Live gaming,

LG, Samsung, and HTC are among those that will initially offer Windows Phone 7-based devices, but others, like HP, have decided to cancel their Windows Phone 7 plans. I guess let’s just wait and see what happens next.

Your thoughts

What do you think, is Microsoft strong enough to really take on the increasingly popular rivals? What do you think should Microsoft do with the Windows Mobile 7 to really make it more competitive?

Let us all know in the comments!

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