Firefox 4: NTKs

The new Mozilla Firefox 4 has been officially released after two other browsers, Google Chrome 10 and Internet Explorer 9. With all the new browsers out in the open, let’s try to see what the new Firefox 4 has got to offer to us, especially with the rumor that Firefox 4 is leading the pack in spite its late launch. The final release of the Firefox 4 is really promising and here are only some of the features of the new Firefox browser update:

The Flash

The new Firefox has got the JägerMonkey JavaScript engine, which just offers users more huge enhancements and stepping it up when it comes to performance. The enhancements include more amazing graphics rendering, faster startup times, and swifter page loads. When tests were done, the Firefox 4 left the other browsers in the dust by about three to six times faster.

It is really fast.

Minimal clutter to prevent eye sore.

It’s quite amazing how the tabs are now taking center stage so that the feel of the whole browser is much more intuitive and efficient. The previous versions really did make it all seem cluttered and a lot was going on. It’s really more streamlined and simpler which makes the browser even more user-centered.

The Switch to Tab feature, which is an amazing thing, helps reduce the clutter as it automatically calls the tab you need. One user can have up to 200 tabs all at once, and if you can’t locate the one tab you’re supposed to look at, then that’s where you go slow with the Firefox 4. The other tab-related features include the App Tabs which makes browsing even more intuitive and personalized. When Firefox reloads, it cranks up its loading speed by loading the active page and App Tabs first, and then the other tabs after that.

The icing on the cake is Firefox Button and this actually sweeps your screen clean as it just displays all your menu items in one button and show the items only when you want to, of course.

Panorama feature

In the prior versions, users with 20 or more tabs didn’t have an easy way to separate or categorize your tabs according to the ones that are related. What I do, and what most people do, is to open a separate, unrelated tab to a new window, which helps but doesn’t really take away the clutter.
Panorama now gives a visual slate on which your tabs can be organized into groups that stand for your home, work, or your hobbies and etc.

Supports multiple platforms

Firefox has always been multiplatform unlike the other browsers which are limited to some operating systems and all. Whether you have Windows, Mac, and Linux, you will enjoy all these features of Firefox.

Your thoughts

Have you tried the Firefox 4 yet? What other things do you like about it? What do you like to add to the things that I’ve already said?

Let us all know in the comments!

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