Basic guide for IE 9

The Internet Explorer 9 has been officially launched last Monday. The new browser from Microsoft is packed with lots of interesting new tools such as the taskbar shortcuts, jumplists, HTML 5 support, acceleration of the hardware that gives it more graphic performance, and it packs an interface that is so sleek that you feel that this new addition to the family is more focused on showing more of the web pages than the browser window.

You can pin sites to your taskbar

Internet Explorer 9 allows users of Vista and Windows 7 to turn your favorite website into a web app by installing it directly into your task bar. Just click on the tab you want to pin to your taskbar and drag it down to the taskbar. After that, the site’s icon show up on your taskbar and you can just click on it for quick access.

Microsoft has added an additional special touch to the interface because the color scheme of the navigation icons matches the color scheme of the site that you pinned.


You can take advantage of the pinned sites to let you access specific web pages quickly, hence the jumplists. These dynamic jumplists also lets you quickly access your Newsfeeds, events, friends list, and others.

Stop-tracking feature

This stop-tracking feature allows you to stop sites from tracking your activity across the Web. The tracking feature is useful for some occasions, but if you want privacy, you can always use this feature in IE9 and stop the tracking feature. Once you access this feature, it will automatically start blocking sites that monitor you or your location.

Just an extra doze of protection will help, don’t you think?

URL box is the search box

This is definitely one of my favorite feature of any browser. Just like Google Chrome’s Omnibox, the IE9 lets you make your search directly on the URL address bar, and this is called the One Box. This is definitely a time-saver.

Of course, the default search engine for IE9 is Bing, but you can always change it up to other search engines, or add another search engine. Once you do add a search provider, you will see options at the bottom of the drop-down menu when you search using the One Box. This just gives you more options to switch to and back.

Your thoughts

Do these features interest you? What other things would you like to see from Microsoft’s browser? Have you tried the IE9, too? What other great stuff do you like to share with us?

Let us all know in the comments!

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