Apple requests sales ban of iPhone look-a-like

Enter the M8.

Familiar? Nope?

Well the M8 is a smartphone made by Meizu, Chinese manufacturer that looks a lot like the revered and extremely popular iPhone. But the M8 may be seeing its last days because Apple has requested sales ban of the iPhone look-a-like. The battle is heating up and Meizu will not be going down that easy.

Meizu’s CEO Jack Wong, through a forum in Meizu stated that Apple first requested a production shutdown and Meizu agreed. Later, Apple moved on to request a complete sales ban of the units which would really hit Meizu hard. If this pushes through, thousands—even millions—of manufactured phones will not be sold. Jack Wong said that if Apple really pursues the sales ban with the local IPO, Meizu will have to make some defensive moves to counter the request.

Come to think of it, Meizu shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a patent complaint from Apple since the phone does really look like the iPhone. But even though the sales ban is underway, I don’t think this would really hit Meizu enough to topple it down. The M8 is just one of the many products of Meizu. Meizu has been making products that have a similarity with other existing products.

Meizu is a big company and I don’t think this sales ban will put the company down to the grave.

Your thoughts

What do you think? What are your thoughts on the matter? What are your thoughts on the sales ban? Is this a reasonable move for Apple?

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