Another new from Google:Family Safety Center

Google adds a new resource specifically made for parents so that they are able to keep their kids safe while surfing the Internet: it’s the all-new Family Safety Center.

Google wrote in a blog post, “With kids growing up in an age where digital know-how is essential, it’s increasingly important to ensure that they’re developing healthy, safe and responsible online habits. And we’re thinking every day about how we can help parents and teachers to do just that.” This is a very good move for Google since problems related to abuse of children over the internet has largely grown over the years.

The Family Safety Center gives parents tips from child-safety experts on keeping kids away from adult content on the Web and on how to make sure that their children kids aren’t contacted and lured by scheming and bad elements online. Google has also included a detail of its own child-protection services on its many products that includes the SafeSearch and Safety Mode for YouTube.

There’s also a “Partners” page which is offers more info by including links and brief information on the many organizations that provide data and advice on child protection, cyberbullying, and online education for parents and the children alike.

Your thoughts

What do you think? What do you think will this new resource do for parents and children? What do you like to share on the problem of exploitation of children over the internet?

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