Time Tracking, Price Reductions and $9 Basic Plan

We’re so excited to inform you of a number of changes we’ve made.

New: Time Tracking

We’ve added Time Tracking to the Bronze Plan ($19) and up. You can add Time Logs ‘freestyle’ or you can add them to Todo Items. Of course, you can then generate reports to see how many hours you’ve worked and on what. Never forget to charge for your work again!

Price Reductions

Have we gone crazy? It looks like we have!

All our plans have been discounted. Many of you were saying that our prices are too high. We have listened and have reduced the prices of all plans. Click here to check out the the new prices. Everyone who has already signed up will also benefit from the new low prices.

Basic Plan at Just $9 per month

Yes! You read correctly. Ideal for very small businesses who want to get started with PDF downloads of Todo Lists and Writepad documents and also with online file storage. Check out the website for more details.

So What Are You Waiting For? Sign Up Now!

Our prices are not guaranteed to stay this low but, if you sign up now, you’ll be able to stay on these prices.

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Project Management and Collaboration

Clutterpad is an awesome online project management and collaboration tool. It’s easy to use, there’s no software to install and you can use it anywhere you have internet.

  • Todo Lists to ensure you’re organized.
  • Keep all your Messages in one place so there’s no need to clutter your email inbox!
  • Color coded Calendars with events and reminders. Don’t forget that meeting.
  • Writepad documents for an easy way to collaborate on text documents and easily view the changes made by your team mates.
  • Contact management and communication logs.
  • Live Chat Rooms for instant communication along with detailed archives and searches.
  • Onlne File Sharing and Storage. Don’t lose that important document again.
  • Time Tracking to ensure you charge for all your work.
  • Overview of all your projects from one central page.

Watch a Video Overview or Sign up now!

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  1. WaqarWaqar04-13-2010

    Thanks for the reduction in Price CP… But in all honesty, I think the price that ClutterPad had been charging was quiet reasonable for the tools it provides which saves me a TONE of time… I cant thank the Creating team of Clutter Pas enough…

    I am actual supper excited about the new Time Tracker tool, I have tested it out for a bit and I love it… This is saving me and my team a lot of time once again. We no longer have to write our logs in Write pad or in an excel document. Time Tracker will do the work for us. I have just sent my team a message introducing them to Time Tracer and asking them to start implanting it… Please Read the email i send my team just a few minutes back.



    Great News for all…

    From: Waqar Khan

    Date: Today at 11:57 AM

    Ok guys… CP just launched a new tool to make our lives easier…

    Its called the Time Tracker… And this is exactly what we needed for our Weekly logs…

    Under each ToDo item you will now see a small clock… when you click on that it will ask you to put some details such as date, Person, hours and Notes…

    All that info will then be available under the menu titled “TIME” … Here you could create a report and see details of all the time spend on each task and the total amount of hours spent.

    Good bye Write pad logs and Welcome Time Tracker :)

    We will start implementing this right away… If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

  2. MKMK04-13-2010

    @Waqar – glad you like it

  3. Joachim KudishJoachim Kudish04-13-2010

    Woo! Excited to try out the new features this week!