Clutterpad is here: Awesome Project Management

We’ve all been waiting and Clutterpad is finally here. So what is it? It’s an awesome online project management and collaboration tool with todo lists, calendars, messages, chat rooms, contacts, document version control and an online file manager. Visit the Clutterpad Tour Page to view video tours of each section. Alternatively, Sign up now to get a free 1-month trial on any paying plan (there’s also a Free-for-life plan).

Clutterpad is a way of doing things, not just a tool. And that (re)defines productivity. It helps you to focus on the things that matter and makes boring organization fun! Clutterpad works with you, not against you. We’ve designed Clutterpad from the ground up to be easy to use, simple and intuitive. Its elegance is stunning. There’s no software to install and you can use it anywhere you have internet. Watch the videos to see it in action.

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  1. MKMK03-19-2010

    Update: What a fantastic response! Thanks to everyone who has signed up already. We are really excited about this…

    Let us know how you are liking Clutterpad.

  2. Eric BerryEric Berry03-19-2010

    My company has been using the trial version of Clutterpad for a few weeks now and I couldn’t imagine using any other project management software. The guys at Clutterpad must have been frustrated with other sites providing PM b/c they have nailed the basic needs of the typical user.

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this product. It’s nice to have my project management solution not become a hindrance for once.

  3. WKWK03-19-2010

    We’ve been using the private beta for a few months and I have to say it really is AMAZING!

  4. Michael PoleyMichael Poley03-19-2010

    I just finished using Clutterpad for a project where we had people in 3 different locations who had never met face to face.

    Having Clutterpad really made it easy for us to keep on top of developments in the project in a way that I hadn’t been able to with the combination of google calendar/gchat/outlook and IM that I’d been using before.

    It was fun too, by the way. To have everything in one place online. And to be able to keep up on the project from any computer. Looking forward to using Clutterpad for my future projects.

  5. MosheMoshe03-24-2010

    Looks pretty good. I have three questions I'd like to ask:

    * How does Clutterpad differ from other online project management programs (such as Basecamp, Central Desktop, Onehub, etc.)?

    * Do you plan to sync Clutterpad with other online programs such as Freshbooks, Zendesk, etc.

    * Who made your videos – they are excellent!

  6. ClutterpadClutterpad03-24-2010

    Moshe, Basecamp is a great tool and I used it myself some time ago. However, for our purposes, it was simply not enough. I'm sure it is still great for some people. Clutterpad differs in many ways, but you will have to use it to really appreciate the differences. Here are a few:

    1. Clutterpad is user-centric. That means you don't need to have different urls / accounts for different companies. Ths means that you can view all your todos / messages / etc for all of your projects for all companies from a single page. You can search through all your contacts, files, messages in all your projects from one page. There's no need to have multiple browser tabs open if you don't want to. Of course, you can also view stuff on a per-project basis too.

    2. Clutterpad has a fully functional calendar with reminders and lots of other stuff.

    3. Clutterpad does not have a flat file system. You can upload files, create folders, drag and drop files and folders, right click etc – so it's very simple and easy – similar to the file manager on your own PC.

    4. Clutterpad has a contacts organizer. Every project requires contacts – suppliers, clients, other people. You can log all your communication with them here.

    5. Clutterpad includes a private chat bar which you can use for your work – there's no need for separate IM clients. This is especially useful if you are somewhere where IM is blocked and you want to be able to talk about work with your colleagues, for example.

    There are lots of other differences but these are the main ones.