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Augmented-reality maps by Microsoft

Tweet Microsoft have got some pretty neat stuff coming up…

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How to Make a Splash in Social Media (3 minutes)

Tweet From Alex Ohanian of

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The Story: Why Good User Experience and Design are Essential

Tweet  Nice video about and their interface design. The video looks at paying attention to some of the UI decisions made. What do you think? Have you seen any other videos that you others can benefit from?

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Video: Good design makes you happy

Tweet  Short talk by Don Norman about ways that good design makes you happy. He’s actually quite funny too!

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Google Buzz: Fingers in more pies

Tweet These days, it really does look like Google has to get involved in everything and anything that everyone else is doing. Well, here comes an addition: Google Buzz. Google hasn’t done very well in the social networking side of things and this is its boldest attempt to challenge the likes of Twitter and Facebook. It has to its advantage …

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Are We in Control of Our Own Decisions?

Tweet This is an excellent talk by Dan Ariely given at Ted. Well worth the watch.

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