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iPhone 5 in September?

Tweet You know how rumors are. The more the release date is coming near (which is on September—probably), the more the rumors become “violent” and amazingly tempting to believe. The rumors for the iPhone 5 is really becoming more and more violently appealing with pictures rendered by fans and other things speculated by many. Here are some of the rumors …

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Should you buy the iPad 2?

Tweet It’s been weeks since the iPad 2 was launched, and I guess the buzz has already died. I was really impressed with the hype that was created before the gadget was launched, and I was even very excited to get my hands on the iPad 2. Then came the launch date and I was on the internet watching the …

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iPad 2 problem with Verizon 3G

Tweet Apple has admitted last week that customers—although only “some of them”—have experienced problems connecting with the Verizon 3G network and they are out to investigate the matter. This is actually a gentle but big blow on the newly launched device because there has been a very big hype created around it when it was still in the Apple shelves …

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