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Priority Management VS Time Management

Tweet Okay, there is just a lot of management going on in the world today. With all the things that you need to do, there is just little time to do it, isn’t there? Many people, and most of the “gurus” would tell us that what we need in order to manage everything that we need to do is to …

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Quote: Wrong idea

Tweet We must reject the idea.. well-intentioned, but dead wrong.. that the primary path to greatness in the social sectors is to become “more like a business.” Most businesses.. like most of anything else in life.. fall somewhere between mediocre and good. Jim Collins

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The top essential things you need in freelancing

Tweet Freelancing is a very lucrative career when you have the necessary things that will help you achieve the goals of each project that you get into. It’s really even easier than most businesses because you don’t need much capital to start this business. Most of the things you need to start it you already have, and maybe you just …

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Leadership Mentality (the final installment)

Tweet In the previous installment, we’ve tackled more on what goes on in a leader’s inner feelings and inner engines. And now we are going to top them off with three more concepts and principles that make a leader. A leader starts with the end in mind. People are attracted to someone who is a visionary and someone who has …

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iPad 2 problem with Verizon 3G

Tweet Apple has admitted last week that customers—although only “some of them”—have experienced problems connecting with the Verizon 3G network and they are out to investigate the matter. This is actually a gentle but big blow on the newly launched device because there has been a very big hype created around it when it was still in the Apple shelves …

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How to be attractive to other leaders

Tweet Did that shock you? I mean the to other leaders phrase? Why would you want to attract other leaders? Why not attract just about anyone? Okay let me back track a bit. You should realize that you’re reading a post in a blog that’s intended for business people, and it is presupposed that you are reading this because you …

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Share: Is “The customer is always right” the right kind of customer service?

Tweet I know right? This has been one of the many topics debated in most companies because there are only two kinds of people in a corporate setting: those who believe that the customers are always right, and those who don’t believe that the customers are always right. But just so we can treat this sensitive issue for customer care, …

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Android is on top of the game

Tweet There’s no denying the fact that for months now the Android OS has been outselling the iPhone and the BB phones, and now the green robotic OS has finally gotten a bigger share of the smartphone market in the US. The charts show that 33% of U.S. smartphone users owned an Android phones as of February of this year, …

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Google introduces the “+1” button

Tweet Google introduces the “+1” button Google is now adding a feature that allows all of us who have Google accounts to recommend sites so that friends and other people will know immediately which sites are being visited most. This feature is called the +1 button. Google explained that this button really says a lot. Some may see the button …

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Leadership Mentality part 2 of 3

Tweet In the previous post about Leadership Mentality, we learned how the leader is committed, accountable and a miner in the strictest sense of the word. We learned how his consistency of action ultimately produces results, we have come to see that as a leader, he is accountable to others, but most especially to himself because he is his own …

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