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Improve Focus through the Power of Why

Tweet What drives you to do the things that you do? And amidst all the distractions that come your way, why do you still do these things even though you might go sidetracking here and there a couple of times or more? There must be something that keeps you going. What could it be? And does it improve your sense …

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Rumors about the impending release of the iPad2

Tweet The year 2010 is almost at its end, but all eyes are set upon 2011 and all the things that will be coming up: from smartphones to laptops, tablets and slates to the traditional computing devices, etc. And like any other device out there, Apple’s iPad has not freed itself from rumors that make everyone all the more excited. …

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Simple rules for a decluttered life

Tweet Still battling about the many clutter in your life? Still at a loss as to what you should do first to implement some decluttering in your life, work, and family? Is the thought of decluttering more overwhelming than the clutter itself? Not to worry, here a few simple rules to follow to effectively declutter your life. Little by little …

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How to find time for your family

Tweet Spending quality time with your family is and should be a top priority for you. Many children around the world have been asked about the importance of time say that it doesn’t need to be “a lot”, but it must be “quality” time. Life in business can get really get out of hand and you can easily lose track …

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Tips to get great ideas

Tweet If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re really looking for some tips to have good, high-quality ideas. The Information Age makes it even more exciting because having good ideas can separate you from others and put you ahead of the pack. So how do you get high-quality ideas? As it turns out, a great way to get high-quality …

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Is your business risk-free or crisis-free?

Tweet Is your business risk-free? If not, do you want to make it crisis-proof? Do you want it to keep on thriving even in difficult times? Well, that is possible if you are quick enough to adapt to changing conditions. Change is expected and welcome in the market so you better adapt to it quickly. Here are some tips to …

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Why working SMART is best

Tweet They say that one sure way to really be successful to work hard. Work is needed in anything of value. There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world. You have to work in order to get something. Right? True, but not as absolute as before. Over the years, people have been findings ways to do less …

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The silent stalker: Greed

Tweet This is one of the top reasons why businesses fail and business owners tend to “lose their touch”. It’s like a phantom that comes and takes your life away in the middle of the night. You never know that it’s already in your system until you’ve already had a serious problem with it. This is a silent killer of …

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Demystifying Discomfort

Tweet We always experience this in one way or the other and in different degrees. And generally speaking, we all want to avoid discomfort or anything that makes us feel uncomfortable; we like to avoid experiencing pain and suffering. What’s Discomfort? Discomfort is generally anything that you’d rather avoid. It could present itself in the form of a career concern …

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Stop analyzing, just do it!

Tweet You’re the manager or the leader of a team that needs to finish a project, aren’t you? You need to do some steps in order to get the ball rolling, right? And what are these things? Here’s a short list: organizing • testing • preparing • collecting • analyzing • thinking • tweaking • assessing • questioning • experimenting …

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