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How to Choose a Laptop With Nice Features

Tweet Having your own laptop has become a necessity. But because there’s a lot available in the market, selecting a laptop can be a very daunting task. Features vary and all of the different companies seem to provide the best choice, so how are you supposed to choose? In this post, you will learn about the basic things you need …

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10 Must-Have Windows Apps for Every Web Developer

Tweet Here are some apps that every developer should know about on the Windows platform: Putty: It’s a free and open-source application that connects to a remote server via SSH. You can use an SSH encryption key or password and can change protocol version. It has support for IPv6, public key authentication, local serial port connections and, best of all, …

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Why We Need Web Designers

Tweet A designer is the person who adds creativity and design to interactive websites. Most users who are new to the internet think that the tasks of a web designer are very easy – but it is not true. For creative website design, every company need at least one  professional website designer who can fulfill the client’s requirement. If you …

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15 Website Performance Tips

Tweet In this post about website performance, we will focus on practical tips and tricks that will help you to improve the performance of your site. Through this you can identify a number of best practices for making your web pages load faster. Let’s discuss these points: Reduce HTTP requests: An HTTP request is generated each time a file is …

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8 Reasons Why Developers Should Use Ubuntu

Tweet Ubuntu is a Linux  and community based operating system which is free and open source. You do not pay any licensing fees. You can download, use and share Ubuntu with your friends, family, school or business for absolutely nothing. It provides regular updates. Ubuntu’s  free CD, desktop and server version is available online. It provides a complete working environment …

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10 Reasons Why IE6 needs to be Killed

Tweet Internet Explorer 6 is the sixth version of the Internet Explorer browser series which was developed by Microsoft for their Windows operating system and released back on August 27, 2001. This version of IE is totally obsolete and ships with legacy versions of windows. As we all know, even Microsoft has stopped support for Windows XP and all their …

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Apple iPad – Love it or Hate it but you can’t Ignore it

Tweet Apple has been on a massive high with the huge success of the  iPhone. I think this success and glory sparked an idea  to develop a product that would be a cross between the iPhone and the MacBook (or maybe this was part of the master plan from day one). They planned to get the best features and interfaces …

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