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Losing Sight of the Basics?

Tweet I was getting my haircut at a local barbershop, and a phone call came in. This is what I overheard from my barber- Yes sir! Yes, this is a barbershop. No sir, we just cut hair, just boys and men, we dont do any of that foofey stuff here That’s when it hit me why I liked coming there. …

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Defining Your Personal Leadership Brand

Tweet HBR has a good collection of 5 important steps for this What results do you want to achieve in the next year? What do you wish to be known for? Define your identity Construct your leadership brand statement, then test it. Make your brand identity real.

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New Rules of Leadership?

Tweet Interesting article at Inc. – Are you in favor of tossing out any of the ‘old’ rules of leadership? Among the interesting ideas- Forget face time and meetings Work weekends Cut communication

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How Do You Feel About Geolocation?

Tweet SocialMediaToday poses a few interesting questions in light of the recent popularity of applications like FourSquare: “Is this needed?” “How will it significantly improve my life?” “What are the potential consequences of using this?” Personally I am still not sure the benefits of it outweigh the privacy risks associated with it. Foursquare and geotagging is useful for friends in …

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Innovative: Sketch a Search App

Tweet Yahoo released an iPhone app that lets you literally draw a circle around a specific area and search restaurants inside that custom area. This is an excellent upgrade over searching ‘near’ current location and getting lots of useless results. For me, this is the first big thing I have seen that’s a benefit over Google maps. Kudos to Yahoo …

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Subscribe to RSS by CONTENT

Tweet An interesting new concept is out called Fliptop. It allows you to subscribe to a site’s RSS feed and filter by content or keyword instead of the full feed. This could be a great way to bridge the gap between staying up to date with a site, but at the same time not being inundated with 10+ updates daily. …

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Who Monitors Your Social Media?

Tweet Interesting question posed at Social Media Today: Who should monitor your company’s social media? Should it be IT, Marketing, PR, or someone else altogether?

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Productivity: Killing Procrastination

Tweet Some good tips, like this one posted at Inspired Magazine: Write down everything that’s important to you By important I mean the stuff that you want to get done. Forget about all the stuff you’ve done in the past that burdens you. I want you – from now on – to only focus on the things that matter. Because …

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iPad Templates and Stencils

Tweet For you design buffs waiting to make something nice on the iPad.

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Creative Print Advertisements

Tweet These are definitely worth taking a look at. From Webdesignledger. We’ve posted just a couple of them here below:

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