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Wired App for iPad – Definitely the Future of Media

Tweet Wired Magazine recently released it’s iPad app.  This isn’t the first example of a print media company making content available via the iPad.  I read Wired, and after getting used to the overly stylized graphic design, quite enjoy it.  Still, I largely ignored this app until noticing the level of hype surrounding it.  According to Wired, they sold 24,000 …

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Facebook Gets a Bit of Privacy Religion

Tweet In my last post I lambasted Facebook for the obfuscation of their privacy settings, not to mention their (intentional?) incompetence at implementing them.  This week was interesting in the Facebook privacy space.  First, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg posts this letter in the Washington Post which was just unapologetic enough to add fuel to the fire.  Later this week, there …

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Good Bye Facebook. Your Privacy Sucks!

Tweet I quit Facebook…again.  This is actually the second time.  The first time, I deleted my account because I didn’t pay much heed to privacy settings and was inundated with emails and friend invitations from former classmates from decades ago that I could barely remember.  The spam was overwhelming.  A close friend (who I actually do socialize with) convinced me …

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Choose Your Poison – Mac or Windows for Development

Tweet I recently visited a company which develops back office software for fulfillment services used in video-on-demand applications.  As I wandered through their offices, something didn’t seem right.  It took me a few minutes, but I realized that every developer had a Macintosh on his or her desk.  There wasn’t a Windows machine in sight.  A few weeks later, a …

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The Startup’s Dilemma: Bootstrap or Venture Funding?

Tweet Back in the glory days of the .com boom…and bust…it was in vogue to come up with an interesting idea, have no idea how to monetize it, stick “.com” in the name and wait for VC’s to throw money at you.  Then you use it to build an expensive office, hire a bunch of developers, etc. and enjoy the …

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Virtual or Not Virtual – That is the Question

Tweet I was working on a business plan several months ago for a new web development company.  In the introductory section I pitched the business as a virtual enterprise.  My motivations were simple, I wanted to bootstrap the company so we wouldn’t have to play the funding game with anyone and using a virtual enterprise structure would allow us to …

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